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A train traveling at full speed is hard to stop. The more cars in the train, the harder still. The ASA of Baltimore can be likened to a speeding train. We are already under a full head of steam and with each additional member, we gain more momentum!

When you become a member of ASA of Baltimore, you will add increased presence to ASA’s legislative efforts which, in turn, helps to have subcontractor friendly laws passed. Your membership will allow for more and higher quality educational seminars in various formats that provide information to help you build your business. You will add to the pool of contractors, suppliers and service professionals that can draw off of each other’s knowledge and expertise to make your projects more successful and profitable. With each additional member, ASA finds an increased strength to forge alliances and add partners to our list of discounted services and products that save you even more money. Additionally, you become a member of the National ASA and have access to their knowledge and support – for no additional fee.

ASA members’ commitment to quality, value, timeliness and integrity is unsurpassed in the construction industry. Together, these construction professionals are responsible for some of the finest projects in Baltimore.

In Our Members' Words

“I can’t afford not to be an ASA member! ASA is the conduit that energizes its members’ connection to every aspect of the construction world.”

Tim McGuire
McGuire, Inc.

“ASA advances the causes of subcontractors to help ensure the future of the industry. The services provided (education, networking, legal monitoring and advocacy) all help the industry — which helps all members and is well worth the price.”

Chip Fry
John H. Hampshire, Inc.

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