First Community Action Meeting on 9/19/23

asa of baltimore members seated at tables at the annual meeting

Community Action meetings strengthen the collective voice of ASA.

The agenda for the first Community Action meeting will include:
  • legislative issues and updates
  • industry and market trends
  • association activities
  • leadership opportunities

Members are encouraged to bring prospective members

Community Action meetings are the best forum to demonstrate the full scope of ASA events, leadership activities, and membership benefits – and to recruit new members so that we can grow ASA’s collective “voice” in the commercial construction industry.      

 A members-only Business Practice Interchange (BPI) session will immediately follow the close of the Community Action meetings.

Stick Around for a business practice interchange (BPI) session

Moderated by an attorney to assure that the attendees do not violate anti-trust laws and limit their statements to factual and first-hand knowledge, BPIs help subcontractors avoid costly mistakes and deal with difficult situations in real time.

BPI sessions are only open to ASA members who register for the ASA Connect Monthly Meeting. Following the ASA Connect Monthly Meeting, all non-members are asked to leave and any members who wish to stay to participate in the BPI session will be required to sign a form stating that they will abide by the following policies:

  • Confidentiality of all information shared
  • No agreements to take collective action
  • No interference with any company’s business decisions
  • No pricing information
  • No disparagement of another member

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