Align values & recruiting processes to help your company stand out

To be brutally honest: Prospective employees don’t need you. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts construction jobs will grow 12 percent by 2026, the nation’s unemployment rate continues to hover around 4 percent or less. And you’ve likely heard stories about new employees not showing up for their first day of work, quitting after 2 weeks on the job, or simply biding their time, underperforming until they find a more desirable job. There could also be some other factors at play, but the current job market underscores their confidence.

It’s time to throw out the preconceived notion that it’s an honor to work for your company and everyone should want a position there. Those days are over—at least for now. This market is in a war over talent, the likes of which the industry hasn’t seen for years. What remains are panicked employers who suddenly realize they have done a poor job of promoting their companies as desirable places to work. For the first time ever, many are experiencing the difficulties of hiring, which leaves them scratching their heads and wondering what to do next.

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