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Valuable Business Education

Subcontractor Information Exchanges (SIEs), Business Practice Interchanges (BPIs), and GC Partner Events all offer unique opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge and experiences that can help you manage downside risks and take advantage of business opportunities.

SIEs are conducted quarterly at every fourth monthly meeting, BPIs are conducted at the end of every monthly meeting, and GC Partner Events are scheduled by the GC Partners.

GC’s cannot be full members of ASA, so the GC Partner Program facilitates high-level interactions between a select group of GCs and ASA members to build better buildings and better relationships.

BPIs, available to members only and led by an attorney, are a core source of member value, offering confidential conversations about projects, the players, and potential pitfalls.

SIEs provide members the opportunity to connect directly with speakers and share experiences on strategic management topics, key operational topics, and leadership and culture issues.

Attend the annual ASA convention, “SubExcel,” for unique learning experiences and activities. The program features national speakers, workshops, leadership training, and a chance to be a tourist.

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