general contractor partner Program

GC’s cannot be full members of ASA, so the GC Partner Program facilitates high-level interactions between a select group of GCs and ASA members to build better buildings and better relationships. GC Partners realize that their success depends on the success of their subcontractors and suppliers, and that is reflected in the way they do business. There are two primary ways that ASA of Baltimore connects this select group of GCs with the membership:  Quarterly ASA Connect Partner Roundtables and occasional/optional GC Partner Hosted Events.

GC Partner Program Events

ASA Connect Partner Roundtables give subcontractor and supplier members the opportunity to speak with GC Partners and Service Partners during facilitated networking sessions. Partner Roundtables are held once each quarter at a monthly ASA Connect meeting: August, November, February, and May.

GC Partner Hosted Events are held at the request of each GC Partner and are an optional benefit of their participation. The format may vary, but ASA encourages them to include key decision-makers and present a fairly comprehensive view of the company, including markets and strategy, range of project sizes and types, pre-qualification policies and procedures, project management and communications, change orders, and scheduling/payment issues.

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