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Join American Subcontractors Association of Baltimore - A Community of Leaders

ASA of Baltimore is a Community of Leaders, an organization with a culture of integrity and mutual support of commercial construction subcontractors, suppliers, and professional services providers. Members benefit from stronger business relationships, high-level business education, professional leadership growth, discounts from national industry partners, and advocacy for a fair sharing of risk in the commercial construction industry. 


ASA Connect monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday every month and feature three formats: Information Exchange, Community Action, and Partner Roundtables.  And every meeting closes with a members-only BPI session.

In person education sessions and webinars feature content experts and small-group discussions on critical issues that can determine the success – or failure – of your company.

Professional friendships grow at BYLders events

Meaningful personal and business relationships are easy at ASA of Baltimore events because we are a relatively small community that values leadership and integrity over transactions. You are welcome!

ASA National’s GR team works on DC issues and supports our chapter’s efforts in Annapolis to advocate for legislation that fairly allocates risks throughout the construction industry. 

Enjoy the professional and personal benefits of service to the association by volunteering for one of our committees, which could lead to an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors.

ASA BYLders Urban Pirates Cruise

You can join our BYLders Committee to help plan events and grow your leadership skills if you are 40-and-under, but anyone can attend BYLders “fun & games” events.

Attend the annual ASA convention, “SubExcel,” for unique learning experiences and activities. The program features national speakers, workshops, leadership training, and a chance to be a tourist.

ASA of Baltimore recognizes loyal members

The Annual Meeting, held each June, features a review of the chapter’s prior year, a peak at the next year, member and volunteer recognition, and a speaker on economic and business issues.

GC’s cannot be full members of ASA, so the GC Partner Program facilitates high-level interactions between a select group of GCs and ASA members to build better buildings and better relationships.

Get access to exclusive ASA National and Chapter resources, such as “InfoHub” videos, white papers, contract forms, member directories, blog articles, and “ASA Advantage” discount programs.

Players prepare for the ASA of Baltimore Charity Golf Outing

Joining ASA means that you are ready to enjoy the fruits of hard work, step up as a leader in the industry, share experiences with your peers, and grow with the support of the ASA community.

ASA National and Baltimore Chapter email communications keep you up to date on association activities, program discounts, industry trends, and key issues that affect your business.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you’d like to speak directly to the Executive Director about how to optimize the value of your ASA membership.

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