Tech Tips: Proper Disposal of E-Waste

trash can on its side with various electronic items spilling out

tech equipment is not landfill-safe

Did you know that the components used in technology equipment are not landfill-safe? Aside from the environmental hazards, discarded electronic devices often contain confidential information. In the construction industry, where data security is paramount, it’s crucial to dispose of old computers, servers, and other electronic equipment responsibly.

find an e-waste specialist

As a first step, consider finding a local recycling facility that specializes in e-waste disposal. We understand the unique needs of the construction sector and offer free e-waste recycling services to our clients. Simply let us know, and we’ll pick up your retired hardware, ensuring it’s properly recycled.

Remove and Destroy Data Storage Devices

Before you hand off your equipment, take the #1 security precaution: remove and destroy the hard drives. A drill and hammer usually do the trick just fine. Alternatively, many companies that shred paper documents will also destroy your hard drives, providing an extra layer of data protection.

Don’t forget to consider other e-waste items such as mobile phones, copy machines, and any other devices that have ever touched your company data. Always assess what data is on any device before recycling it.

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